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October 2016
September 2016
Fall,ABCs and 123s!
Fall is here, and there has been a lot of learning and fun that has been happening. Below are some of the highlights so far this school year!


-School started September 8th and students got a chance to meet their teachers new classmates and reunited with classmates from last year
-We learned about apples and even made apple pie! It was a huge hit!
-We started our Handwriting with Out Tears writing and letter curriculum and the students are loving the wet/dry/try activities with each new letter.
-I got a chance to meet a lot of you at Back to School Night and the students loved the personalized notes you left behind!
- We learned about ourselves and our classmates during our All About Me theme week and shared our all about me posters, that decorate our wall now.
-Students started work centers and are now able to move throughout the day following the daily picture schedule


-We were visited by Firefighter Phil- he taught all of us about fire safety through a magic show, full of awe and amazement! ( the students were all memorized by the whole experience)
-We learned how to Stop,Drop,Cover and Roll! And what to do if there is a fire "Don't hide! Run Outside!"
-We continued going over letters,numbers,shapes and colors.
-We learned all about pumpkins by reading various read alouds and creating different projects that got us all ready for our field trip to Green Meadows Farm! It was so much fun. Students got a chance to see and pet various farm animals, take a hay ride around the farm and get their very own Pumpkin to take home!
-we finished off the month of October by having an all day Preschool Halloween Event! Students got to play various gross motor games in the gym, watch Mrs. Genevieve carve Elsa on a pumpkin and listen to Mrs. Martin read a story. Students also went trick or treating within the school and of course got a chance to show off their amazing costumes at the Halloween parade!
March aka "Dr. Seuss Month"
In March we celebrated the one and only Dr. Seuss! The students love his books with their rhyming words and funny pictures. We listened to many of them including Cat in the Hat, Foot Book, Best Nest, Green eggs and Ham, Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?, Go Dog Go and Ten Apples Up on Top. Students completed a lot of fun projects to go along with these read alouds as well. They drew apples to put on top of their heads to be like a character from Ten Apples Up on Top. We created Cat in the Hat masks and pretended to be Cat in the Hat while playing the games I Can DO That and ABC stretch. The students also learned a lot about rhyming and ending sounds of words.
We also welcomed Spring and although the weather was not as warm as past springs, students have seen the difference from winter to spring. One major difference no more SNOW!! To celebrate the new season, students created flowers to decorate our hallways here at the Fort Lee preschool.
The morning session has been working on their letter and number recognition skills, while engaging in fun hands on activities. The afternoon class has been working on rhyming concepts, and simple word families activities.
To end this fun filled month we went on our first class trip to Bowler City! Students had a blast!
There is a lot of fun and exciting things that are on the horizon, including our field trip to World of Wings May 22nd and our trip to Turtle Back Zoo in June. Also it will be warm enough to go outside and play on the play ground fro the first time, so I know the students will be loving the next couple of months!
Ms. S
Winter is over! Although we had a cold and snowy winter we still learned a lot and did a lot. In January we completed a snowman theme, where students created 3D snowman in the sensory center, made snowman using various household materials, created snow globes and snow its self. Students also listened to many read alouds including Snowball, by Lois Ehlert, Snowman at Night and Snowman at Play, as well as, many other fun engaging stories about snow and the magical things that can happen during the winter months.
Students also learned about arctic animals including polar bears, penguins, seals and walruses. Read alouds, such as, In the Arctic and Polar Bear What Do You Hear were great additions to our unit. Students created many projects including puff paint polar bears, penguins and other arctic animals.
Another unit of study we learned about and discussed was What to Wear? Students created many winter attire crafts including a fuzzy hat, and patchwork mittens. Read alouds including The Mitten and The Hat by Jan Brett helped students not only learn what to wear in the winter, but also introduced them to new animal friends and fun and different ways they tried to stay warm. The Mitten and the Hat were also great read alouds that aloud students to practice their story sequencing skills.
In February we celebrated Valentine’s Day with a card exchange party. Each student bought in Valentine’s Day cards and they handed them out to each one of their friends. We talked about the importance of friends and how we can all be great friends to one another. Students completed many different cooperation activities that encouraged them to work together to solve problems.
We ended February by celebrating a beloved author Dr. Seuss. In honor of his birthday and read across America the Fort Lee Public Library librarian came and read to our class. Students loved the read alouds she bought with her and were swept away with great stories they told. Our Dr. Seuss theme went into the first week of March where we completed many activities to go along with many of the read alouds. Students created their very own Cat in the Hat puppet after reading Cat In the Hat, by Dr. Seuss. Students also created ten apples up on top, by drawing and cutting out ten apples and adding them to their picture after reading Ten Apples Up On Top. Mrs. Kirsten, the speech teacher came and read Green Eggs and Ham and students answered the question would you eat green eggs and ham? They had a blast saying where they would eat it and if they would eat it. Students also listened to Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, The Foot Book, and many other Dr. Seuss books.
Students have been working on many academic skills throughout all the different themes. The morning 3yrs old program have been working on tracing their name, counting one to one correspondence, letter and number recognition, identifying objects, sorting and graphing various items including fish, cereal, and snowman parts. The morning class is also making great progress with their self-help skills including using the bathroom, getting and putting away their snack, and getting a toy. All students have been making great strides in all areas and have been engaging with one another in all the various centers.
The afternoon class has been working on many new skills including rhyming words and word families. They have been doing a great job and have been enjoying the activities and games that reinforce these skills. They have also been working on their writing and answering questions skills. Each day during circle time students take a white board and try to write or draw their response to the many different questions I ask, including what word starts with the letter…, what is the opposite of...., what words belong to the At family ( cat, hat, bat). Students have really been enjoying the interactive circle time and it has become a favorite part of the day.
Spring is on its way and we have a lot of fun and exciting things on the horizon, including field trips, new themes, and our brand new playground!
Happy Spring Everyone,
Ms. S
Important Dates to Remember:
March 27th- Bowler City trip
All Students should arrive at 8:00am the bus will leave school at 9:30 and we will return to the school by 1:00pm.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
It is hard to believe that we already in the New Year, but I have some exciting things planned as we go forward. I hope everyone had a nice and hopefully somewhat restful break. Please reads the information below regarding the classroom.
  • First off want to welcome everyone back! I just want to say what a wonderful job all the students did during the holiday concert and I hope you enjoyed it!
  • The weather is getting colder and with colder weather comes more clothing. Please label ALL clothing, including gloves, hats and scarves. A lot of times they get left on the bus or fall on the floor and this will help make sure the rightful owner gets it back.(On that note, I have a Scooby Doo umbrella if it’s your child’s please let me know:)
  • Show-N-Tell will be every Thursday! This Thursday please have your child bring in the favorite toy they got from Christmas or as a gift from someone special. If the toy is too big you can send in a picture. In the future I will tell you the Show-N-Tell theme, if I do not then your child can pick anything they want to bring in that week.
  • This week our theme is on snowmen and I have a lot of fun activities planned throughout the week including making snow in the classroom.
  • Please try to refrain from sending in toys from home unless it is for show-n-tell on Thursday. If your child needs to bring a toy as an incentive to go to school that is okay I understand completely, please make sure their name is on it that way they go home to the rightful owner.
  • There is NO SCHOOL January 19th for Martin Luther King Day.
  • I have not been sending home the binders as much I want to. I will try to be better about this in the future. Please contact me, even if you just want to know what they did that day and of course if you ever have any questions or concern I really do not mind at all.
Here’s to a great month!
Ms. S
October is here!

Letters of the month, B-E and Numbers of the month, 1-5

This month started off with a new experience, an assembly with the whole school 2 family on fire safety. Although at first the students were a little overwhelmed, once Fire Fighter Phil started his magic show they were amazed and had a great time learning about fire safety. This month we also learned and talked about other community helpers that help us every day. The month continued on and the weather started getting colder and the leaves started changing colors, fall was here! Students went on a leaf hunt, listened to many read alouds about fall and leaves, and created many projects, such as, their very own leaf man. Since we were getting closer to Halloween we started talking about pumpkins, what was inside of them and what we can eat and make from them.

During October students engaged in many activities and games during work centers to reinforce and/ or be introduced to new readiness skills. Students are also working on their social skills during choice centers and are able to move about the classroom with very little prompting.

We ended the month with a very exciting holiday, Halloween! We had a great day of fun. We started it off by playing various games, including ghost bowling, spider splat, pin the mouth on the pumpkin, and glow stick toss. Then students got to pick their very own pumpkin, and listened to a story read aloud by Mrs. Martin, our principal. We eat pizza for lunch and then students watched as Mrs. Genevieve carved a face into a pumpkin. We finished the day with a costume parade and a Halloween party, which included music and monster punch!

Nest month we will talk about the important of our families and Thanksgiving. Students will continue to work on their academic and social skills.

Ms. S

Monthly Review: September


This month was full of excitement, unknowns and the beginning of an amazing school year. We started the month off by learning about our new friends and teachers. We learned the importance of working together, by creating our class book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Look Who’s in Our Room!, which came out amazing thanks to all the hard work the students put into it. We also created a class quilt, and created many “name” theme projects. We then went into learning about ourselves and what makes us special during our All about Me theme. The students loved sharing their All About Me Robots to the class and they make the classroom colorful and full of life. This week we are All About Apples! And the letter Aa. I look forward to next month and all the fun and exciting things that it brings!

Ms. S

Contact Information
School 2 office: 201-585-4630
Classroom voice mail number: 201-585-4630 ex. 1904
Email: msussi@flboe.com
First Student Bus Company: 201-567-8776
WELCOME to Preschool
Welcome new and returning students to School 2 Fort Lee Early Childhood Center. I am Margret Sussi, your child’s preschool teacher. Your child will call me Ms. S and there will also be two paraprofessionals in the classroom as well. In the morning we will have Mrs. Jagoda and Mrs. Fernandes and in the afternoon we will have Mrs. Lynn and Mrs. Fernandes. I am so happy that the preschool is now a part of the School 2 family, and I am sure as the year goes on you will love it too. Our school 2 principal is Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Church is the Director of Special Education.
We use the Creative Curriculum, which stresses the importance of learning centers, language and social interaction. We do a lot of hands-on and movement activities. Your child will be working towards mastering their IEP goals and expectations set forth by the New Jersey Education Department. Soon you will be receiving your child’s Speech, OT and/or PT schedule, once it is available to me. Attached is the daily schedule.
For the first week we will be celebrating the theme “”Back to School”. This is a great way for students to learn more about their classmates, teachers and new classroom environment.
I believe in order to be a productive and successful teacher in the classroom there should always be open communication with parents. On the first day of school you will receive a communication binder, which will have a communication sheet for each school day. This is a great way to communicate back and forth. I am a very hands-on teacher and we do run over time, if for some reason you do not get a note from me or receive a daily sheet feel free to call or email me. Please make sure that the provided binder and folder are in their backpacks every day.
Below is my contact information. Please call the School 2 office number if your child will be absent. Also, if your child will be picked up by an unfamiliar family member or friend, please make sure they have their I.D, are on the list of people that can pick your child up, and that I am notified. You can write it in the communication book or call the office, please do not leave a message on my school voicemail about this because I might not get it until after school. Please feel free to call my voicemail for any other reason (question about class, upcoming birthday, ect..).
Looking foaward to a great year, full of learning and fun!
Ms. S

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